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Custom Cartoon Mascot Costumes


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Our costumes are high quality mascot character costumes for use by ENTERTAINERS, BUSINESSES, CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS, SCHOOLS, AND FOR PRODUCT PROMOTIONS.

We have many premade designs for you to choose from. Among our designs we make many popular animals and cartoon character costumes.  We build our design or yours. 

These character costumes are lightweight softheads that are unbreakable and easy to clean. We do use vacuume formed plastic only wear needed. The plastic that we use is a light plastic called pvc plastic. hey all have an interior lining that gives them a protection as well as sturdiness. The construction of the costume is vital to it's durabiliy. Our costumes usually last 6 to 8 years in regular weekly use.  Because of the protective lining in the head we are able to install a battery operated fan for the comfort of the user.
The bodies are not just jumpsuits. They are made in the body shape of the character they represent. Bears have bear bodies, dogs have dog bodies..... the curves for the hips, the bellies, the tail, and the paws are all there. We surge all the ends and use heavy duty zippers. We also include a removable body pod for those characters that need the extra filling. The reason it is removable is to allow you to wash your costumes at home and not have to spend on drycleaning.
The shoes are made in a lined 1 1/2 foam that hug any size foot. They are covered in the same material as the body and are hand sewn with this nylon thread at the ankles. The bottom of the shoe is sole material. This way the person wearing the costume can use it on any surface.
We have many premade designs but we are willing to custom make any costume to your specifications.


A costume is an investment and needs to be easy to work in, easy to clean, and must last through years of performances. With us you get an affordable costume with superior quality, durability, comfort, and great personalized service.

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