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Custom Cartoon Mascot Costumes

Marketing with mascots , how to do your marketing with mascots.

Claudia (956)560-8530

  1. In store promotions on special dates
  2. Parades
  3. Trade show
  4.  Expos
  5. Fairs
  6. sports events
  7. conventions
  8. health fairs
  9. schools
  10. community events
  11. Seasonal celebrations
  12. side of the road
  13. national night out
  14. city events
  15. set up for marketing anywhere

Always have your promoter handing out offers. Always encourage photos and ask for them to fb or post it with a hash tag of your business or slogan. 

please feel free to call me and pick my brain for ideas. I have been making mascots for 20 years and have alot of experience.

Claudia Rodriguez


Mi**  A Mascot Costume is a great Attention Getter  **


You can use a mascot character to attract new business by:



1. Putting your character by the side of the road waving people to your store.


     2. Getting your character into your city’s parades.


     3. Taking your character to out to pass out flyers.


     4. Having special meet your mascot days at your store.


     5. Use him in your advertising.


     6. Create an impression in your customers and their children.


      7. Make any event a success. Company parties, in store anniversary sales, Christmas, etc…


      8. It is an incredible public relations tool.


      9. Parents will always want a photo of their child with your character and this will keep your business in their memories.

     10.  Mascot costumes are used multiple ways and will always be the best investment you ever made in the marketing of your business.  More possible uses are:

Catered events

Seasonal Parties

Sales meetings

Campaign kick-off

Advertising campaigns


Corporate mascots

Community events

Trade shows

City events such as grand openings for other businesses

Sports events




Now about our product: We make the most comfortable, durable mascots in the industry today. Plus we are very affordable compared to other mascot companies.

We’ve been building costumes for 18 years now. We make them in a combination of foam and light weight plastic. We line the inside of the heads for protection and add a fan for comfort. We make our bodies machine washable to save you time and money on cleaning your mascot. Our shoes are very comfortable to wear and have soles.


You can choose from our premade designs or send us artwork of what you want done. Or use our predesigned costumes and customize it with different colors, or add accessories such as clothing, hats, special shoes, etc…


We look forward to building your Mascot soon!

Call me: Claudia Rodriguez (956)560-8530